About us

Market Research with Added Value.

  • At the end of the work, clients receive the report of the results in a face-to-face presentation with the diagnosis and conclusions.
  • We provide useful suggestions and recommendations, we get involved with and accompany our clients in the search for new strategies for the action.
  • All the procedure, from drawing up the proposal until delivering the report, is audited and certified.

Use of qualitative techniques

  • Focus Groups
  • In-depths interviews
  • Life stories
  • Qualitative analysis

Use of quantitative techniques

  • Face-to-face surveys
  • Online telephone surveys
  • Mystery Shopper

RTRpc® (Real Time Research)

  • Technique exclusively developed by D’Alessio IROL.
  • It enables to see the results of the surveys at the same time as they are being conducted.
  • It is applicable to every inquiry technique.
  • It enables the client to see the information in their own PC at the same time as the data is being collected.
  • Stop and Go®: It enables the clients to make pauses in the research in order to evaluate the data at a specific time. In addition, they can include new topics of research as the work is being carried out.

System of Computerized Telephone Surveys – SETEC®

  • It generates an immediate database without the need of Data Entry equipment.
  • It eliminates any possibility of human errors by the validation of consistencies at the time.
  • It cuts down the data processing times.
  • It enables to see the results immediately.

Face-to-face surveys with handset (PDA) ®

  • Face-to-face surveys
  • They are entered in the handset and automatically go to D´Alessio IROL´s servers.
  • They enable to reach segments and audiences which require a face-to-face contact.
  • They enable on-time supervision, by following the surveyors along their route.

Online Interactive Surveys with Non-Spam Panels

The security of the research is due to the reliability of the results. To attain this, it is necessary:

  • That the answers the respondents give correspond to the people surveyed, to their profiles, preferences and uses.
  • That they are not regular respondents.
  • That they feel their information and comments are dealt with strict confidentiality.

In order to ensure the efficiency of their work, D´Alessio IROL has:

  • A database of 300,000 people from different segments registered voluntarily in our own panels.
  • Databases in Latin America, the Caribbean, Spain and Portugal.
  • An anti-spam policy and digital certificated for websites issued by Verisign.

Panel System

  • D´Alessio IROL´s respondents base is made up of a main panel and 10 specific ones.