• Draw up strategies, collaborate with the implementation, and evaluate results.
  • Complement the research tasks in order to put the results into operation.
  • Launch new products, develop markets and strategic alliances.
  • Implement a culture towards the innovation and a vocation towards results.
Our consultancy developments include:


Trend studies
Monitoring of Social Behavior
Supply study
Image Tracking of the financial system and positioning of banks and financial institutions
Follow-up of prices

Customer (Retail, SMEs, Corporate and Internal)

Study on Satisfaction, Retention and Recommendation
Analysis of audience segments
Work environment and internal customer studies
Database creation and maintenance
Mystery Shopper


Studies on usability of websites and online banking use
Drivers for going from the inquiry to the online transaction
Studies of applications in mobile and digital channels
Social networks
Satisfaction and getting products/services through call centers

Products and Services

Willingness to get new products/services
Test of products/services
Sensitivity to prices
Geographic potential

Promotion and Advertising

Concept test
Advertising pre- and after-test
Naming and Branding
Advertising Effectiveness