Quality Policies

Experience: Almost three decades of continuous work in market research.

Values: Ethics and professionalism in our work.

Confidentiality: A strict confidentiality when handling the information.

Philosophy: We are always trying to excel ourselves. We are pioneers in the implementation of new Market Research technologies and we have a policy of continuous innovation.

Teamwork: We are a team of multidisciplinary professionals who are highly efficient and committed to our work, and who are continuously training.

Work environment: We appreciate teamwork and we foster the creativity and solidarity.

Commitment with the community: We turn down any offer related to products or services which put the population´s physical or moral health at risk.

Building up knowledge: We collaborate with a better understanding of the problems that affect some sectors and social groups.

Commitment with the client: We respect our commitment with the client and with ourselves by fulfilling the obligations taken on to the letter, thus always guaranteeing the fulfillment of all the steps agreed on in the cases.

Quality control: We apply controls in accordance with the international standards of market research and implement the quality management systems, which are periodically maintained and improved.