1981. Eduardo and Nora D´Alessio found Eduardo D´Alessio & Asociados consulting firm. Within the first 30 days we already have three important clients: a bank, a mass consumption company and a car spare parts maker.
1982. We participate in the development of ATMs.
1983. Our consulting firm has 25 clients, half of whom are banks. The first service of advisory to Private Banking is launched.
1984. Thanks to our reputation in the financial sector, ADEBA asks D´Alessio IROL to conduct the surveys for the 2nd Convention of National Private Banks. This job is done every time this entity holds its Annual Convention.
1985. As requested by the four main private banks, we begin the first systematic study, the Systematic Study of Retail Banking®, which still today provides information.
1986. More systematic financial studies are added and we are invited as speakers to participate in national and international forums.
1990. D’Alessio IROL is called to conduct the studies for YPF´s privatization. The price and estimate of demand resulting from our studies turn out to be exactly what the market actually showed.
1991. We are given the Mercurio Award for the Marketing Plan designed for our client Firestone.
1992. We participate in La Caja de Ahorro y Seguro´s privatization.
1993. We reach client number 80.
1995. We decide to include the Internet as a research technique, thus anticipating to the difficulty the telephone and face-to-face techniques have when reaching the middle and high segment. We start compiling the first online voluntary respondent base together with Clarín newspaper.
1996. We begin some market research on Latin American countries.
March 1997. D’Alessio IROL starts online market research, thus being one of the pioneers in the country to conduct surveys with this technique.
1998. We reach client number 100. We are hired to implement models of quality improvement of customer service in some Spanish banks.
1999. The first comprehensive development of online surveys implemented in Latin America comes to its end.
2000. Along with Clarín Group, the first study on Features of the Internet User in Argentina is carried out.
2001. D’Alessio IROL makes an agreement with newspaper of the interior of the country to draw up joint database.
2002. The database in countries of the region is drawn up. The first country is Brazil followed by Mexico.
2002. We are invited to talk about the online surveys technique in the Media Congress held in Paris. Recognized by our prestige, we are asked to represent ESOMAR in Argentina, a role which has been renewed to date.
2003. Our own development of the Customer Retention Model. We are invited to represent IRAM in the ISO International Expert Committee in order to prepare the ISO Standards that will govern the social, public opinion and market research activities.
2004. We are invited as speakers to the Media Congress held in Los Angeles, the USA, to talk about business media solutions in a crisis scenario.
2005. We are hired to do some work in Latin America and the Caribbean by multilateral bodies, who then become our regular clients.
2006. The respondent base of Central America, the Caribbean, Spain and Portugal is drawn up.
April 2006. We are awarded with the IRAM (local) and IQNet (international) Certification for having a Quality Management System that complies with the ISO 9001:2000 Standard requirements, for the design and conduct of online, telephone and face-to-face with PDAs (handset) surveys.
November 2007. We reach client number 200.
August 2008. IQNet awards D´Alessio IROL with the validation of the ISO 9001:2000 Standard Certification for implementing and maintaining a quality management system in the design and conduct of online, telephone and face-to-face with PDAs (handset) surveys in market research.
July 2008. The development of RTRpc ® technique, Real Time Research, which allows the client to monitor research in real time.
August 2008. Systematic Studies on Insurance®, Call Centers® and the Citizen Mood® are launched.
November 2008. We reach client number 240. With a 78% contract renewal rate.
March 2009. The voluntary respondent panel is over 300,000 people.
June 2009. Five new systematic studies are launched.
November 2009. We reach client number 305.
2010. We start doing research through the Social Networks.
October 2011. The Focus Groups in Social Networks are launched, with Google´s support.
November 2011. D’Alessio IROL celebrates their 30-year anniversary.
December 2011. D’Alessio IROL is awarded with the Mercurio Award 2011 for the Best Marketing Plan in the category Big Clients – Real Estate sector for our client Euromayor S.A. (granted by the Argentine Marketing Association). Moreover, we are awarded with the EIKON 2011for the campaign “Cuidá lo tuyo” developed by the Public Notary Association of the City of Buenos Aires. We are also awarded with the Asociación Empresarios de la Vivienda 2011 (AEV) for our work on the Plan prepared for our client Euromayor S.A.