Eduardo D’Alessio

  • President of ELDASA S.A.
  • Degree in Economics. Graduated from the University of Buenos Aires, Book 54, page 124 No 5673
  • Registered in the Professional Council of Economic Sciences of the City of Buenos Aires, Book II, Folio 72
  • Engineering Studies at Notre Dame University, Indiana, USA.
  • He has published articles within his field of specialization in print and in different academic publications.
  • Since 1968, he has conducted business strategy and business assessment projects in our country as well as in Ecuador, Mexico and Paraguay.
  • Full Professor of “Market Research” in the Senior Management Program, San Andrés University – ESEADE from Spain
  • Former Professor of Market Research at the MBA and postgraduate course at the Universidad Católica of Argentina.
  • Member of the Faculty Senate of P.O.D.E.R., Polo de Desarrollo Educativo Renovador
  • Former Professor of Principles of Economics and Microeconomics at the School of Economics in Buenos Aires University
  • Speaker at many national and international Congresses on Marketing and Strategic Planning

Nora D’Alessio

  • Vice-president of ELDASA S.A.
  • Degree in Sociology. She graduated at the University of Buenos Aires, Book 58, page 29 No. 3822. Specializes in Psycho-sociology
  • Closed over 1,500 work agreements in the Research, Planning and Service Quality Areas in Argentina
  • ESOMAR´s representative in Argentina (European Society for Opinion and Marketing Research, currently World Organization for Opinion and Marketing Research).
  • Argentina´s representative, on behalf of IRAM, in the International Experts Committee for ISO 20252 certification Market, Social and Opinion Research, and for Access Panels standard
  • Member of the international committee for ISO in the tourism and financial services area
  • Speaker at local and international conferences
  • Member of the Board of Directors of the Argentine Bank Marketing Association
  • Was a member of the Analysis Committee of the Globalization of ISO Standards in Financial and Tourism Services