D’Alessio IROL is a top notch company

which has been providing services in Market Research, Marketing and Strategy Consultancy, Human Resources Advisory and Press and Image Management for over 30 years.

Market Research

We have been a leading company in Market Research for over 30 years. All research is enriched with our added value. We provide useful suggestions and advices, we get involved with and accompany our clients in the search for new strategies for the action.

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Consultancy and Strategy

We are specialized in the development of strategies, including the collaboration with the implementation and results evaluation. Thus, we complement research tasks in order to put its results into operation. We work on launches, market developments, and alliances.

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Press and Image

We stand out for Corporate Communications, Image and Press Management, Community Relations, Public and Institutional Affairs. We carry out brand development, launches and advertising evaluations. We specialize in crisis management.

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Human Resources Services

We develop work environment surveys and process evaluations – “internal client”. In addition, we provide advisory on how to improve the interrelations within the different areas of the company, in-house training on Human Resources management, consultancy, Market Research, Press and Image.

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